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Life with Baby by jackfreak1994

This is cuteness wrapped in cuteness with cuteness sprinkles on top! This is probably a more accurate depiction of Stitch's future than...

Do you want to build a Snowman? by jackfreak1994

So far it seems this song is everywhere. Whether it be fan made versions of the song or comics based off the song such as this. All tho...


To all the people commenting, asking questions, or waiting for theres to be answered: sorry it's taking so long, these next three months are about to get crazy. But the Ask the Clarktoon comics will come back!
Sat Oct 18, 2014, 10:27 PM
Fri Oct 17, 2014, 7:52 AM
Hellooo? Anyone here? *voice echos*
Sun Oct 5, 2014, 11:57 AM
AL-X are you still with Pogo?
Tue Aug 26, 2014, 1:10 AM
The shouter below is telling the truth.
Tue Aug 5, 2014, 6:48 PM
The shouter above is lying.
Tue Aug 5, 2014, 6:48 PM
Hey, pizza monster, have you ever heard of curry-topping pizza?
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 7:33 PM
Say, Smash It Sue, how are things as of late?
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 7:17 PM
Hey there folks, this is the Ask the Clarktoons shout box! If you gotta question for a Clarktoon you want answered, shout it out here!
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 2:27 PM

If I started a YouTube account, what would you guys like to see? 

15 deviants said Animated Adventures
5 deviants said Speed Draws
1 deviant said Gaming Videos
1 deviant said Top 10 Lists
1 deviant said Other (comment below)
No deviants said Musical Parodies
Hey there people of today and robots of tomorrow!
It's me, CK!

No sooner did I announced that next week would be my last week on deviantART full time for a while did two of my supposed friends tag me! Gosh spam it Montiessor and Watery-Flame! It's reasons like this why the 102 Meme exists anyway. It is now because of you that, when I come back on dA full time you will BOTH be the first ones to feel the wrath of the 103 meme! :mwahaha:

Anyway, onto the memes...


I've decided to do the Big 5 of the Clarktoons. These characters would include myself, Crocie, ERN-E, Pizza Monster, and Phil. 


1. Pick 5 characters you've created.

2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were that character.

3. Tag at least four people to do this meme

4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal 

1. What is your name?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: My name's the Electronic Running Neighbor - Earth class. You all can call me ERN-E since it's shorter and it sounds nicer than my other popular nickname "Egghead".
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: 'Sup bros! Name's Phil aka Comador Sexy!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Hello everyone! My name'sssh Pizzzzzza Monssshter!
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Name's Crocie. Isn't my name super original? 
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: I have many names. I am the Autistic Cartoonist. The Flash on Wheels! The Wizard of Pagonia. Master of Mayhem! I'd go on listing my various titles but we have this meme to get on with, so you can call me Clark or CK!

2. Do you know why you were named that?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Some of the details are fuzzy –long story– but my friend Zarah gave me the name because RT-1 #139 sounded way too dull. 
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: I was named after Purple Prime Philit N'Zar who conquered my homeworld in the 16th Cycle. It was said no apponent could withstand his mighty attacks and when he became king of my planet he would be known as Philit the Praised. Heavy shizz huh?
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: All Monssshtersssh get their namesssh when they ssshay their firsssht word. Mine wassh: PIZZZZZZZA!
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Clark gave me my name. He tried naming me a bunch of other stupid names so he just eventually settled on calling me Crocie. Like I said, how original..
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: My mom gave it to me... Duh!

3. Single or taken?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: I'm in a relationship with EMIL-E. She's knock out geourgous and can also knock out some high powered villians. What a woman!
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Being the ever awesome rockstar slash alien ambasidor that I am, it is no surprise that I have a large collection of female admirers. Sorry ladies, but this purple ball of cool is taken! By the super sultry slug known as Yezzi! Martian chicks are da' bomb!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: I'm currently romanticly involved with my High Ssshcool Ssshweetheart Villa! Sssshe'ssh perfect! Ssshe'ssh ssshmart, ssshe lovessh kidsssh, ssshe'ssh kind and caring, and ssshe can whip up one killer Ice Cream Ssshundae! It'sssh the brain freeze of love!
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Apparently every Clarktoon has somebody to love and I am no exception. I've got a girl. She's an alligator named Alberta. She's an exiled Amazon princess who came to America seaking a new life. She found me. And ever since she's followed me everywhere. Well, everywhere except the bathroom. :phew:
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Her name is Kelly Daine! She's the girl of my dreams. I'd brag about her winning features –such as her superb singing voice, fun and caring personality, friendly nature, flirtatious attitude– but everyone's already bragging about stuff like that. I would never stup to doing the same thing everyone else does...

4. Have any abilities or powers?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: I wouldn't really call them powers, but I have had combat training by Monova, for the most part I'm a pretty adaptive thinker, and I have a holo sheild in my left wrist. But really I guess my power is the will not to give up. Or extreme stuborness. Either way I suppose.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: I have the power of being EXTREMLEY EPIC! Oh yeah, and let us not forget the power of ROCK'N ROOOOOOOLLLLLL!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Doesssh being able to eat 120 pizzzzzzasssh in three ssshecondsssh flat count?
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: I do have superpowers, but it varies on the situation at hand. For example, I was once enfused with Kaiju DNA and become Croczilla! I could breath fire, withstand nucleur radiation, super strength, stuff like that. Another time I learned how to fly, then there was this one time I become a dinosaur cowboy- In other words, yeah, I have super powers. Sortuv.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Well, apparently I'm called The Artist. Which means I can change the reality I'm in as well as change my multi-dimensional forms. It's weird, but awesome!

5. Stop being a Mary Sue!
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Did Magnore write this question?
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: SHUTUP!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Well that wassshn't very nice!
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: I'll stop when you stop.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: I'm not a Mary Sue! I'm CK! =D

6. What's your eye colour?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Purple. 
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Green. 
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Olive black.
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Black.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Bright blue with wonder

7. How about hair colour?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: (looks up) Uhm, I don't really have hair..
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: I don't have hair you jerk!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Doesssh fur color count? Cuz I'm a natural yellow.
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: I don't have hair. I bright green scales going down my back if that counts.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Dark reddish brown, but I usually like to wear a hat so I guess hair color don't matter much.

8. Have you any family members?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Well, I'm assuming 139 isn't just a random number. But if I am the only of my kind, I have a dog named Beta. He's so adorable!  
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: I have my uncle, but he's kinduv' an a-hole. Other than that, I guess my human family insits of my best pal Luke, his sister Lucy, their mother at home, and their father on the front.
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: I have lotsssh of brothersssh and ssshisshtersssh. There'ssssh Sssshpam and Cadburry and my dad Bacon and my mother Egg. Plusssh there are my three lovable (if not missshcevious) nephews and neice Blueberry, Burger, and Bubble Gum.
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Coming from a litter of four I have two brothers and a sister. One was traded to an Australian zoo and got out and we're trying to find the other two. I also had a mom for a while, but she abandoned me almost immediatly. As far as family comes though, nobody can ask for a better one then Clark.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: My little brother Red may be a turd, but you can't pick your families. After all, this ain't Sims.

9. Oh, how about pets?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Like I said, I have Beta. He's a beagle I found in the Kennel whose mother and father were from the Civil War. They died, Beta was abused by robots, and it took him forever to learn to trust me and my friends. But once you get his trust, he's as loyal as a dog can be. And I love the little rascal.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Does Wally count? He's the 'out-of-the-zone' hippy kind'a member of our band.
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: I have a gerbel named Little Caessshar and Villa hassh a dog named Ssshundae that the kidsssh found in Ice Cream Town over in Japan.
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: When my uncle died he left me 50 penguins to take care of. Why he had that many in the first place is a mystery. Even more curious is why he left them all to me. Anyway, most of them are house broken and they usually don't cause me a lot of trouble. Usually...
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: I've tried taking care of a dog more times than I can count. I just wasn't cut out for taking care of a dog. Taking care of a little brother is work enough. xD

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Spider Man 3. Man that movie sucked!
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Pop music. Which is a real problem given that's ALL MY GIRLFRIEND LISTENS TO! DX<
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Anchoviesssh. I ussshually ssshay that anything tasshtessh good on a pizzzzzzza. Thosssshe nassshty little fissshiesssh are an exception. Bleck!
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Penguin poop... Do I need to say more?
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Twilight and idiotic shipping. Seriously people? Nerida/Hiccup? Not gonna happen! Mickey/Maleficent? Not ever gonna happen! Batman/Wonder Woman? Well, in all honesty it was a cute idea in JLU.

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies you like to do?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: You are talking to a collector of comics and the collectables to go with them. My prefered titles usually come out of Marvel since they are the best. When I'm not collecting, I'm debating with SHORT-E over why Marvel is better than DC. Plus, I have been known to try to sneak into Playbot Mansion. I have also been known for constantly getting caught..
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Rock'n Roll is my passion! You must be one with your instrument! Rock'n Roll is an art form! You can't let silly distractions like homework keep you from rock'n hardcore!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: ...Hey wait! I don't have a hobby! I need one!
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: I am the master of all trades. Anything you can think of, I've done it. I've been to the moon twice. I've dug to the center of the Earth and all the way to China. Heck, I've even made a movie. And there's still always something new to do.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: I do doodles. I love to draw. Since I was born I've loved drawing anything I've seen or thought of. Other than that, I'm a nerd. I know lots of things. Anything I don't know, I research into. My main are of expertese: Disney. Heck, a challenge to anyone still reading - in the comments below ask me a Disney trivia question and I will answer.

12. Have you hurt anyone in any way before?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Not counting all the bad guys I've helped take down? Her name was Nerva. She was an anarchist who had a rough life and I thought I could save her. But in the end she made the ultimate sacrifise. She lived happily ever after and yet I still feel bad whenever I think about it.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: I'm not the violent type.
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: I ssshure hope I haven't. 
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Once Thyne went crazy at a Clarksburg night class and I had to use a death roll to get her to calm down. I knew it wouldn't kill her, but it did leave a sortuv' mark.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Probably. 

13. Ever... Killed someone?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: No. If Spider Man's taught me anything is that killing people isn't the answer. Amazing Spider-Man I mean. Some other versions of Spidey are complete @$$holes.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Dude, dat's messed up!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: No. Why would you even assshk that?
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: No, but I know someone who IS dead!
Bumper Icon by CKToonStudios: Boo!
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: AH! Bumper almost scared me to death! I've never killed anyone, but I have been killed in a story once. Someone who I thought was my friend sent me a story via Note where I cuss and he guns me down. Thanks a lot @$$hole.

14. What kind of animal are you? 
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: We talking Spirit Animal here?
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: I'm known as a Purple People Eater to your Earthlings. Do not fret though, I am a vegetarian.
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: I'm not an animal. I'm a monssshter!
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Can you say Crocodiles rock?
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Giraffe. The kind born in AMERICA!

15. Name your worst weakness
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: I've got a few. But I can't really say them here online. Too many bad people could see it and use it against me, or worse, my friends and family.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Dude, I can't listen to pop music! Start playing Gaga or Cyrus or Jackson or any of that crud and I'll loose it! Seriously, stop making pop music and bring back ROCK!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Ssshome people ssshay I have a lissshp.
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Believe it or not, but there actually is one thing I cannot do. But if you think I'm stupid enough to tell all of you that then you've got another thing coming!
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Cuteness. Anytime I run into something super adorable I explode! And math. I hate math so much!

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: I mostly look up to my team mates. My fellow Knights of the Square Table. They're all great people and I wouldn't be where I am now if not for them. And despite all of us being from different backgrounds I can relate to them so much. We all wanna do what's right and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifise to save everyone.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: There are many big names of Rock'n Roll that are worthy of being icons! KISS, AC/DC, Chuck Berry, the Beach Boys, the list goes on. But let's be honest, only one of them has earned his crown and that is the King himself! Elvis freak'n Presley! WE ARE NOT WORTHY!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: At the rissshk of ssshounding corny and cliché, I look up to my old man Bacon Monssshter. When timesssh were tough he got Ma and the ressht of usssh through to the other ssshide. 
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Suprising as it sounds, I look up to Steve Irwin. Clark always watched him on TV and would have me watch with him and that guy lived. He looked death in the eyes and ticked it! Not only that he fought for reptilian rights. When he died, Clark and I were both surprised. We thought he was Superman.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Crocie pretty much told you about Steve Irwin already. Other idols of mine include Dr. Seuss, John Lasseter, and of course Walt Disney! He started his career with a suitcase, half a film, and eleven dollars to his name. Today his name is associated with greatness. Not bad for some farmboy from Missouri huh?

17. Are you straight, gay or bisexual? 
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Uuuhh... I have a girlfriend. Key word: girl. 
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Is it not obvious by now that I find women bodacious!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: I have a girlfriend... Ssshe'sssh a girl... Can we change topicsssh?
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Unless Alberta is secretly a man, I'm straight.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Kelly's all woman and all mine!

18. Do you go to school?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Most robots don't. We're pretty much walking computers already so we learn as we go.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: I did go a Private School back on my home planet but that place sucked. Nobody really liked me and only talked to me cuz' I was royalty. Now I go to the home of the wildcats, Mayfield High School! LET ME HERE YOU SCREEM WILDCATS!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: I went to ssschool here in Clarkssshburg. It wasssh during High Sssshcool I met Villa and we went to sssshee the mosssht reomantic film in the world. Jurassssshic Park!
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: When it comes to school, I actually didn't go to school part time. I'd just tag along whenever Clark stuffed me into his backpack. I'd listen in and remember the stuff his teachers said. When he got home he just told me what he learned and I pretty much got most of my education out of that.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: I went to school a lot actually. I went to Preschool because my Mom thought I wouldn't talk. Back then nobody considred me being autistic as an option. Now I go to Clarksburg Technical Institute to learn graphic design and (hopefully) animation! I've made some awesome friends!

19. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Nothing would make me happier to marry my girl EMIL-E. And to have prototypes? That would be just amazing! I would love for them and care for them and made sure they were safe always. 
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Dude, there's no need to rush. Right now I just wanna focus on the music of the moment. 
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: I already am in a weird way. My ssshissshter isssh getting a divorce and ssshe put me in charge of her children; Blueberry, Bubble Gum, and Burger. Sssshe dossshen't want the kidsssh picking ssshidesssh during the argument sssho I have to watch over the three rassshcallsssh. I love thessse kidsss to death. But I haven't eliminated the idea of having a kid of my own ssshome day with my little sssshcoop! 
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Never did I ever get to know my parents. I could never ask my mom for wisdom or advice because immediatly she rejected me. Cast me out. Not once did she consider me her offspring. That's why when I was blessed with an alien daughter I made sure I let her know who her father was! Sure, she might be the result of me eating an alien cheeseburger, but she's still my blood. I love her to death and if Alberta and I ever have kids I will let them know that daddy won't desert them. Daddy won't ever leave them! That if they need me, I'M HERE! BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT PARENTS DO! ... *looks away*
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: ...(hugs Crocie) 

20. Do you have fan girls/fan boys
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Do I? xD I don't know why I would. I'm just your everyday dude. 
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Of course! C'mon, I'm a freak'n rockstar! Heck, I'm an alien for cry'n out loud. Women can't keep their hands off me. Althought, this usually causes Yezzi to go balistic..
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Maybe, I don't know.
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: You're kidding right? Ever since CROC WEEK it seems I've developed a whole fangirl army! There's AnimatedTigerGirl, Watery-Flame, and :devThyne-Own-Slave:. They all like me because they think I'm cute...
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: I have Watchers here on deviantART, does that count?

21. What are you most afraid of?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Letting my friends down.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Being like everybody else.
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Failing asssh an Uncle.
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Loosing all my friends.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Heights and rollercoasters.

22. What do you usually wear? 
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: (looks down) Does my paintjob count? If not, I'm kind'a naked.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: I rock out with my flaming hot red Hawiian shirt!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Normally I don't wear anything. But every now and then I dresssh up in a ssshpecial outfit.
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Naked, and I ain't ashamed to say it. Besides, it's not like I'm the only Clarktoon that dosen't wear any clothes. As my colleagues just prooved.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: You can't beat the classics. And for me that's my baseball cap, my big ol' glasses, an orange Hawiian shirt, and blue jeans shorts.

23. What's one food that tempts you?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Well, if I could eat, I'd probably go with a classic New York style Hot Dog made out of processed meat and covered in month old mustard. But I can't eat. Because I don't have a mouth... Yeah..
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Normally my species would fea on the flesh of people outside our species. But that's super gross and you all look too tough anyway. I am a vegan. Which means I eat shoes. 
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: ...You're kidding right?
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Cheeseburger in Paradise!
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Clearly the best food ever is pizza! If I had to go with the best kind'a pizza ever it's gotta be extra cheese, pepperoni, thin crust! Aw man, now I'm getting hungry. Is this quiz almost over?

24. Am I annoying you?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Do you want me to be honest?
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Yes.
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Well-
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Yes!
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: You're making me hungry, that's for sure.

25. Well, it's not over!
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: AW COME ON!
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: I HATE YOU!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Ah ssssssshoot!
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: YOU SUCK!
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: I WANT PIZZA!

26. What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Hard to say. The fact that I live in Queens ot'a make me at least Middle Class, but my KST Status does give me some perks that most people don't.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Dude, I'm an abacador. I'm so high on the class!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: I think it'sssh ssshafe to sssshay medium classsh.
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Who cares, I've been all three.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Medium.

27. How many friends do you have?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Well there's my roomate SHORT-E, my dog Beta, my roomate TV, my girl EMIL-E, my allies Monova, Kordahk, and 102, my apprentice AH, my captors WAL-G, her boyfriend LAS-E, their pet Sclaws, then there's Bruce at the Café, Ex Actly, Betty Wang, and of course there's my very, very special friend Zorah.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: My band mates and I are tight dude! There's my first human friend Luke and his friends Wally and Carol, and of course there's Yezzi.
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: I'm thankful to have sssho many friendsssh. There'ssh Villa, her ssshisster Ssshamoa, her boyfriend Granola, Ssssherman P. Yeti, Fizzy, Coffe Monssshter, Crocie and the Ssshwamp Gang, the lisssht jusssht goesssh on and on.
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Being the friendly crocodile I am, I've made a lot of friends. There's Ray, Pizza Monster, Clark, Alberta, Nerida, Rockus, Golden, Zytrix, Thyne, Bumper, Alberta, Xena- OK, you all know who you are.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: I have a lot of friends her in Clarksburg and I'm lucky to have met so many other friends too. 

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Again: I CAN'T EAT ANYTHING! 
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: It's like putting an Explosive Explosion of Epic Flavor into my mouth!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: I love pizzzzzzza pie!
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Gimme.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: I don't really eat pie. Get it over it Internet.

29. Favourite drink?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Coffee. I actually can drink.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Gotta go with Diet Tang soda. I love it so much tht Luke's mom keeps hiding my supply of it. Little does she know of my secret stash... Wait, I just revealed my secret stash online! DANG IT!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: I'm partial to Dr. Bubblesssh soda pop. It comessssh free when you order breadssshticksssh!
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Anything that isn't swamp water. That stuff keeps getting in my mouth by accident and it tastes as bad as it sounds.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Deffinetly gotta go with Sunkist orange soda! YEOWZA!

30. What's your favourite place?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: First there's Komic Kingdom down in Midtown. The guy who runs that place is a huge comic book enthusiast and you would not believe some of the stuff he has in his shop. Things you guys here in 2015 would consider new and now, we consider vintage and collectable. Even harder since in 2069 you guys stop prininting books all together. I also like hanging out at the Robot Café . My friends are always there and we always have a great time. That is until Polka Shark shows up in his time traveling bathtub...
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Gotta go with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! One day I just know me and the URO's are gonna be up there with the greats! Because we're like ZZ Top and we can't stop ROCK'N!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Assssh much assssh I'd like to ssshay Crazy Monkey Pizzzzzzza Parlor, my favorite place in all of Clarksssshburg isssh Wild Wild Flavor Ice Cream sssshop. The kidsssh love hanging out there, and of courssshe I love going becausssshe my little ssshcoop ownsssh the place. And her ice cream pizzzasssh? Wow!
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: I've been around the world and back, but there is truley no place like home. Especially when it's my home! I live on the S.S. Leaky Rust Bucket, a house boat I won from a game of poker. Well, sort'a won. I think the guy was desperate to get rid of the darn thing and lost the game intentionally. Still, it's a place to rest and gets me to where I need to go.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: My own apartment is where I can usually be found. I've got a fridge filled with orange soda, a Blu-Ray that can connect to YouTube, tons of Disney movies to watch as well as other films, and of course it has my computer and drawing stuff. There's no place like home.

31. Are you interested in anyone?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Didn't I tell you guys already that EMIL-E's my girl?
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Yezzi! I already said Yezzi you idiot!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Deja vuh.
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Alberta... is there an echo in this meme?
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Kelly Daine. Get a life.

32. That was a stupid question...
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Yes, yes it was.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: No shizz dummy!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Weeell- Okay yeah, it wasssh.
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: You're an idiot.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: What they all have said.

33. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean? 
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Lake. I know a character named Polka Shark and he can't handle fresh water.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: I'm not really a swimmer, but I heard about this Polka Fish dude and I'd prefer not to end up a purple entré!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Lake. Polka Ssshark can't reach me there.
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: I don't know what everyone's so afraid of, Polka Shark couldn't hit the side of a barn if his life depended on it. Anyway, we reptiles are pretty much at home in the water. While I can survive salt water, I prefer my nice boggy swamp. Aaaah, nothing like the smell of swamp in the morning.
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: A pool. 

34. What's your type?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Type of what? Comic book! Cuz it's deffinetly Marvel, Team Tin, and TMNT.
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: What type? Music? Because if that isn't obvious by now then you apparently are not smart.
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Uh... type of pizzzzzzza? That'sssh like choossshing a child!
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: Be more specific moron!
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Type of what? I do not understand. Could you please repeat the question? Hello? ...Hellooooooooooo?

35. Any fetishes?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: We talking like sexy outfits or something? Every now and then I'd get EMIL-E to dress up as Black Cat from the Spider Man comics. And by Black Cat I mean pre-Superior Spider-Man. Before Otto punched her in the face like an idiot. Man I hated Superior Spider Man!
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Fetishes? Ha! I have no fetishes what so- *watches as Yezzi goes by in a maid outfit* -...Excuse me for one moment. (runs after her)
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Fetissshesssh? I'm not sure. Villa'sssh pretty no matter what ssshe'sssh wearing!
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: I'm not really into that kinduv' stuff. But Clark is...
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: If you guys watch my dA page you'll all know that I think it's extremley sexy when Kelly dresses up as Queen La from the Legend of Tarzan animated show. Kelly can just rock that look!

36. Seme or uke?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: Is this an animae thing?
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: Huh?
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Isssh thissh from Attack on Titan or sssshomething?
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: If you think I'm gonna start referencing DragonBall Z or Pokémon or something then you've got another- *gets trapped in Pokéball*

37. Camping or indoors?
ERN-E Icon by CKToonStudios: I live in New York City dude. There aren't exacly many places to camp here. 
Phil Icon by CKToonStudios: The gang and I were once stuck at Summer Camp because somebody wrecked our car. So we had to get down and get dirty. And man, I cannot wait to rock that place next year!
Pizza Monster Icon by CKToonStudios: Villa'sssh ssshissshter Sssshamoa lovessh to camp, ssssho sssshe alwaysssh invitesssh usssh. Me and Pa alwaysssh went camping when I wasssh a kid and I love being at one with nature. I jusssht wissh it wasssh eassshier to order pizzzzzzzzza out there..
Crocie Icon by CKToonStudios: I live on a boat. What do you think genius?
Clark-01 by CKToonStudios: Indoors. Everytime I go camping something bad happens. Now if you excuse me, I have to run because Crocie escaped from the Pokéball! :sprint:



1- Favorite TV show? If you don't watch tv (which I highly doubt), Favorite website
My favorite show of all time is Whose Line is it Anyway? I watched it like crazy when I was smaller and even back then when I didn't completely get some of the jokes I remembered laughing my butt off with my family watching the show. I was so happy when they announced it was coming back on TV. Now if only they would bring Drew back on to host.

2- Do you like the Legend of Zelda series? If so, what's your favorite game of the franchise?
This is a common question? Because this is literally the first time I've ever been asked this question. Anyway, the answer is no. The only Nintendo game I've ever really played is Super Mario Galaxy and that's because Red had trouble beating a boss. 

3- Do you like the fandom of whatever you're interested in right now?
Right now my fandom spotlight shines on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Before 2012, I wasn't really into the franchise. I mean, it sounded weird. Ninja Turtles? No thank you. Then came the new show and the turtles became so much more relatable than any other Turtle incarnation before. I loved the first episodes and have been a faithful follower to this day. Now I've read the original comics, seen the original movies, and agree with all true Shell Heads that the new movie really, really, really sucks.

4- What annoys you the most?
Stupid shipping. Seriously, what dumb@$$ thinks Mickey and Maleficent will ever end up as a couple? She's pure evil! He's a goody two shoes who is already in a relationship! Get over it Internet, it will NEVER HAPPEN! I also don't like Nerida x Hiccup since it is literally impossible for the two to hook up. Just because Sony and Disney will get along dosen't mean DreamWorks will follow their example. Heck, even some friends of mine are guilty of terrible shippings. I'm looking at you Thyne!

5- I'm running out of questions, I don't know what to do anymore. Maybe you could sing me a song?

NO! No! ANYTHING but that... 

6- I doubt you actually sung me a song yabigmeanie, so how about you just tell me your favourite song?
Hey, I DID sing a song! Besides, that's a tough question! I have a dozen favorite songs. There's Rock'n Roll All Nite by KISS, Why Don't We Just Dance by Josh Turner, Safety Dance by Men with no Hats, the list could go on FOREVER!

7- What do you like about your art? Please don't say nothing, cause I know your art is beautiful <3
That there's always room for improvement!

8- If you had the chance to commit any crime and you knew you wouldn't get caught, which crime would you commit? Or would you not commit a crime still?
If I had the chance to do it, I would totally break into Disney World at night and be a Kingdom Keeper! But I'd make sure I could turn on the lights on the rides first. I heard that it's a small world at night is super creepy!

9- What's your preferred console?
PC. I'm not a big gamer.

10- If you could date any of your OCs, who'd you choose? 
Well, technically KD is sortuv' an OC so if I could date her for real that would be incredible.


Natural Hair Color
[]Black - $100
[x] Blonde - $50
[x] Red - $75
[x]Brown - $15
[] Other - $10 

-Total So Far: $140

Eye Color
[x]Blue - $50
[]Hazel - $100
[]Brown - $15 
[]Green - $200
[]Other - $10

-Total So Far: $190

[] Over 7' - $200
[] 6'8" to 7' - $175
[] 6'0" to 6'7" - $150
[x] 5'5" to 5'11" - $75
[] 4'9" to 5'4" - $50
[] Under 4'9 - $105

Total so far: $265

[] 41 to 50 - $150
[] 31 to 40 - $100
[] 26 to 30 - $75
[] 22 to 25 - $50
[x] 19 to 21 - $25 
[] 0 to 18 - $100

Total so far: $290

Birth Order
[] Twins (or More) - $300
[x] First Born - $300 
[] Only Child - $250
[] Second Born - $150 
[] Middle Child - $100
[]Last Born - $200
[] Third Born - $100
[] Fourth Born - $100
[] Fifth Born - $375

Total so far: $590

[x] No - $400
[] Only holidays - $250
[] Sometimes - $215
[] YES - $200
[] Only weekends - $300
[] Every other day - $50
[] Once a day - $15
[] I live from the bottle - $10

Total so far: $990

[] perfect vision - $300
[] Have glasses/contacts but don't wear them - $200 
[] No correction - $100
[x] glasses - $50
[] Contacts - $25
[] Surgical correction - $100

Total so far: $1040

Family's Car Color(s)
[] Orange 
[] White - $2,000
[] Maroon - $800
[] Gold - $700
[] Grey - $600
[] Blue - $900
[] Pink - $475
[] Black - $450
[] Red - $400 
[] Green - $350
[] Silver - $300
[] Purple - $250
[] Metallic - $200
[] Yellow - $100
[] Primer - $75
[] Tan - $20
[] Rusted - $15
[x] No Car - $0
[x] I ride a bike! - $3,000

Total so far: $4,040

Shoe Size 
[] Over 13 - $300
[]12 1/2 to 13 - $250
[] 11 to 12 - $700
[] 10.5 - $650
[x] 7 to 10 - $600
[] Under 7 - $550

Total so far: $4,640
  Favorite Colors  
[] Green - $750
[] Black - $600
[] Red - $800
[] Yellow - $415
[] Brown - $50
[x] Purple - $225 
[] White - $400
[] Aqua - $350
[x] Orange - $300
[x] Blue - $300 
[] Pink - $100 
[] Other - $50

Total so far: $5,465

Did you use a calculator to add it all up?
[x] Yes - $0  
[] On Some - $750
[] No - $1000

Total so far: $8580

How many people are you going to tag?
[] Over 61 - $250,000 
[] 51 - 60 - $100,000
[] 41 - 50 - $50,000
[] 31 - 40 - $10,000
[] 21 - 30 - $5,000
[] 11 - 20 - $1,000 
[x] 1 - 10 - $500
[x] Everyone, including the Kitty bat who tagged you with this! - $8,000.72

Final Total: $13,465.72
You never said no tag backs Zy. :trollface:

Finally, here's the meme both Montiessor and Finjix tagged me with. Spam it!

1.- What are you wearing? 
What i'm always wearing: brown baseball cap, Hawiian shirt, and blue jean shorts.

2.- Ever been in love?

3.- Ever had a terrible breakup? 
Well, I did have this childhood crush once. We played monster games during Elementary School and I thought we'd be friends for life. Then Middle School happened. I said I believed in Santa and she got some gorilla of a kid to hold me down so he could tell me he isn't real. I got in trouble for accidently nerve pinching the guy off of me! Ever since then we've never really talked to each other. I guess things change...

4.- How tall are you? 
5 feet 8 inches

5.- How much do you weigh?
:slap: YOU JERK!

6.- Any tattoos? 
I don't like needles. One on my body leaving a permenant mark that might look stupid does NOT sound like a good time.

7.- Any piercings? 
I'm a dude. So no.

8.- OTP? 
Mickey x Minnie. If not them, deffinetly gotta go Pizza Monster x Villa. PIZZA ICE CREAM FOR THE WIN!

9.- Favorite Show? 

10.- Favorite bands? 
Daft Punk. 

11.-  Something you miss?
There were a lot of friends I made here on deviantART who I haven't talked to or seen in a long time. This includes, but is not limited to: dnxlightangel, Arwingpilot1991, hypermegatailsfan, or twisted-wind. I'm just thankful I've made lots of new friends since the time last talking to all of these guys.

12.-  Favorite song? 
Don't start THAT again!

13.- How old are you?
Wouldn't you like to know.

14.-  Zodiac sign?
I am a Scorpio. Also my Native American animal is a Snake! I am like neither animal...

15.- Quality you look for in a partner?
I'm pretty sure this is also something I've covered, but alright, here we go again! The girl of my dreams is kind, caring, passionate, loyal, flirtatious, good with kids, nerdy and cool at the same time, playful, likes most of the things I like, and her voice... her singing voice... As soon as I hear that angel like voice I'll know she's the one!

16.-  Favorite Quote? 
"Do. Or do not. There is no try." -Master Yoda, Episode V of Star Wars

17.- Favorite actor?
Andy Serkis. I'm no Lord of the Rings fan, but his preformance as King Kong and Casaer are enough to convince me that the man is a genius who deserves a spam Oscar already!

18.- Favorite color? 
Purple, Orange, and Blue!

19.- Loud music or soft?
Depends on my mood. Mostly I'm into loud rock'n roll, but in the mornings when I ride my bike I enjoy the more tranquil music to fit the mood.

20.- Where do you go when you’re sad?
I just distance myself from everyone. 

21.-  How long does it take you to shower?
What kind'a creep are you!?

22.- How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Maybe 15 minutes.

23.- Ever been in a physical fight?
I did nerve pinch a guy.

24.- Turn on? 
I pretty much said them all when describing KD already.

25.- Turn off?
Twilight and pretty much anything I don't like.

26.- The reason I joined Deviantart?
The robotroll formally known as AlphaBeta90 tricked me into joining. I became a fan of WALL-G and I joined to enjoy more of her stories. I guess that's a good thing though since I also saved her from cancelation. WAL-G, you're welcome!

27.- Fears?
Heights and rollercoasters. When I was small I went to a Daycare and every summer we did lots of fun things. We once went to Six Flags and most of my group consisted of these big older jerks who looked like they shouldn't be going to a daycare. Anyway, they chose to go on the Joker penjualum ride first. I hated it! Then they all decided to ride it again. I hated it twice! Then I finally got to pick a ride, and I chose the Ninja roller coaster. I'm an idiot.

28.-  Last thing that made you cry? 
I don't wanna talk about it.

29.-  Last time you said you loved someone? 
I don't wanna talk about it.

30.- Meaning behind your DeviantArt Name?
It's the name of my animation studio whenever I open it. Originally I was named CLUB KIDs, but then I realized I wanted to appeal to all audiences so I changed it to CK Studios, and then finally CKToonStudios. Look for me on YouTube!

31.-  LAST BOOK you read?
Kingdom Keepers: Syndrome. Keepers, this book is a keeper!

32.- The book you’re currently reading?
Garfield and Frozen books. I'm weird.

33.- Last show you watched? 
Batman 66. I got the whole show on Blu-Ray and man is it a fun, corny time!

34.- Last person you talked to?
My family.

35.- The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
My family... Duh!

36.-  Favorite food? 
I'm Pizza Monster in real life!

37.- Place you want to visit?
Disney World. I've been there twice and plan on going again very soon.

38.-  Last place you were?
The bathroom

39.-  Do you have a crush?

40.- Last time you kissed someone?

41.- Last time you were insulted?
I can't really remember. SIM-N keeps calling me a Jix, does that count?

42.- Favourite flavour of sweet?
Cherry. Gimme dem Cherry Jolly Ranchers suck'a!

43.- What instruments do you play? 
I'd love to learn to play the Banjo.

44.- Favourite piece of jewellery? 
I'm a dude.

45.- Last sport you played? 
Bowling. It's the only sport I'm really good at and even then I suck at it. xD But the bowling alley in my hometown has a Pac Man machine and I learned I'm awesome at that game. 

46.-  Last song you sang?
Hip to be Square by Hewey Louis and the News

47.- Favourite chat up line?
Ex Actly Icon by CKToonStudios

48.- Have you ever used it?

49.- Last time you hung out with anyone?
Last time it was at CTI chatting up geeky stuff with my friends. Mostly Batman and how he's a flipn' bad@$$.

50.- Favorite Myhtological Creature (EXTRA!)

NOTE: If you guys have already done any of the memes above, you don't have to do them again. Except for Watery-Flame, you're doing the Character Meme again! Also, NO TAGBACKS!

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