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Time for some adventures!
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Which Collection of Clarktoons do you prefer? 

6 deviants said 4000 and other BOOMBOTs
4 deviants said The Monsters
2 deviants said Croc's Swamp Gang
1 deviant said San Diego Zoo
No deviants said Aliens of the Rock
No deviants said Bugs on Broadway
No deviants said Daring Detectives
No deviants said Holiday Figures
No deviants said Komik Kingdom (formaly known as Heroes and Villians)
No deviants said 8-Bit Multiverse (formally known as The Digital World)
Hey there people of today and robots of tomorrow.
It's me, CK!

So, for those of you wondering whether or not I got into that D23 contest or not...

Well, you're an idiot. Because clearly you can't read the title. Either that or you can't fully read English which in that case I now feel like a jerk. Sorry, but on the other hand this whole journal's in English anyway. Cutting to the point, I didn't get in. If I was going to be a part of this contest I would have received an email by now and I haven't. So that means I will not be leaving dA for a while to focus on the Disney poster, which would've shown Sleeping Beauty Castle made out of various other Disney castles surrounded by 60 Disney characters.

It would've been awesome to see.

But I guess this isn't the big break I'm looking for. Now I know some of you might feel bad for me. Or not, which in that case you're either heartless or bitter. I apologize for both. Either way, I appreciate what you're all no doubt gonna say in the comments but it's okay. A small part of me knew I wouldn't be getting in anyway. Which is why I prepared myself with other projects. One of them being the Suggestion Sketch BOOM. So far we've got 87 characters, let's see if we can't get higher!

  • Emphasis and ERN-E in sombreros (suggested by GShepherd17)
  • Holiday Heroes during Christmas in July (suggested by princessofDisney27)
  • Action Replay and Sue cosplaying as Mario and Princess Peach (suggested by Mr-Herp-Derp)
  • Characters playing tabletop Dunegons and Dragons with J.B. Mouse as the Dungeon Master (suggested bydavidfoxfire)
  • Thyne, Kelly, and Alberta having a GIRL'S Night Out (suggested by -surprise, surprise- ThyneOwnSlave)
  • Sussybot hanging out with ERN-E and SHORT-E (suggested by Erick-achan)
  • Choco Oreo Monster being presented to the other Monsters (suggested by Erick-achan)
  • Chess (suggested by Watery-Flame)
  • Pizza going around asking everyone to try his newest dish (suggested by Disney-MangaFan1906)
  • Spam Monster giving Fizzy squirting flowers (suggested by AnimatedTigerGirl)
  • WAL-G kicking LAS-E (suggsted by Jon-The-Hillbilly)
  • Some retroverse and Freeze Frame romance (suggested by Mr-Herp-Derp)
  • Zona and Razorbolt on a boat (suggested by Finjix)
  • SHORT-E as Dark Claw (suggested by Finjix ... Problem?)
  • New villian: Override (suggested by Mr-Herp-Derp)
  • Mester meets the Toonies (suggested by Watery-Flame)
  • New characters: Circus Freaks (suggested by Mr-Herp-Derp)
  • Zy dealing with a lot of CK's: Robo CK, Assassin CK, Vampire CK, Dino CK, Batman CK xD, Space Figther CK, Darth Vader CK, Detective CK, Halloween CK, Cowboy CK, Doc Who CK, Ninja CK, Super CK, Chibi CK, and Wizard CK! (suggested by Watery-Flame)(BTW, try saying all this five times fast)
  • AH trying to dress 102 in tropical clothes (suggested by Finjix)
  • Crocie and Alberta in Angel of Music, the Clarktoon's version of Phantom of the Opera (suggested by Mr-Herp-Derp)
  • Orange thinking of her husband Pineapple (suggested by Mr-Herp-Derp)
  • Hammonds reflecting on her past (suggsted by Mr-Herp-Derp)
  • Injustice Wonder Fry )suggested by Mr-Herp-Derp(
  • Candy Banger playing socceer flirting with Freak so he won't notice Stan making a goal (suggested by Finjix)
  • Gnatellie as an Orange Lantern (suggested by Mr-Herp-Derp)
  • Heather (suggested by princessofDisney27)
  • Apple, Tomato, and Banana Monster (suggested by Mr-Herp-Derp)
  • Owl Dude looking over his shoulder at an owl that's looking at him with a 180 degree turned head. (suggested byTaRtOoN-Man94)
  • Spinach proposing to Blueberry. (suggested by Mr-Herp-Derp)
  • Cotton Candy upset and Bubblgum making her laugh. (suggested by Mr-Herp-Derp)
  • Granola picking up Samoa (suggested by Mr-Herp-Derp)
  • Phil as Gene Simmons and Yezzi as Katy Perry (suggested by Mr-Herp-Derp)
  • The cast of the Walking Dorks (suggested by princessofDisney27)
  • Bernie with his head ironically stuck inside a honey pot (suggested by TaRtOoN-Man94)
  • The CHER-I Bombs (suggested by AnthroBrownWolf)
A lot of these sketches are really good ideas.

I also of course have plans for my YouTube channel. It has recently occured to me that there is a song out there in serious need of updated lyrics. I think I can update those lyrics with some help from the Clarktoons. Look for that hopefully later this year.

And of course, I do have an idea for a comic. Clark #4, more Robot Cafés, and even some big comics featuring Owl Dude and the 8-Bit Multiverse. So for now, I'm gonna be keeping myself busy.



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